The central act of the celebration of the Carnival in Benassal is the renowned "Entrada de la Tea" or "Fiesta del Ajo". This Tea party was recovered in 1989 after years without being celebrated. The celebration recalls how, in the past, the textile manufactures of the town were sold in distant places, by several traders known as "traginers". For that reason, they mounted rows of cavalry (Recua) in which they transported their products. They returned loaded with tea, pine wood used to illuminate the streets throughout the year. Precisely, the party (organized by the fifth and the ladies) I remember the celebrations organized by the young people to celebrate the return. This party consisted and I tell of different parts: -the eating of the arriero garlic. Eat with sofrito of egg and cod to which it is added beaten eggs, accompanied at the moment of meat toasted -by the dusk takes place the "Entrance of the Tea". The torch, transported by the train is headed by the "traginer", with the typical costume and shed with a black hat with a wide brim and a black cape. The trajinante is accompanied by two mayorales. They are expected at the entrance of the town, and accompanied by the dulzaina and timbal, they make three stops reciting loas, popular stories where they comment on the incidents of the trip.
The last stop takes place in the plaza (Patio de en Palanques) where the torch is lit that will illuminate the subsequent dance plan. At night, a dance with costumes to celebrate Carnival takes place. 

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