Virgen de la Paciencia

If we have a lok to the history, we have to travel to the 25th of September of 1619, date of an attack of the berber pirates, native from the north of Africa, that surprise tragically Orpesa villa.

As a result of this, many people died, the town was devastated and the church destoyed. Alrars were broken and the Virgin of the Rosary were shattered.

Count Cervelló, lord of Oropesa, collected every single piece an brought them to Carmelitas Descalzas Convent in valencia. It was there where her name changed, after a patient and hard labour made by the nuns, and became to the Virgin of Patience.

After 345 years, the 3rd of October of 1964, after years of negotiation, the image of the Virgin of Patience came back to Oropesa del Mar.

The town celebrates the patron festivities in October, being the main day the first Sunday of the month.

In 2014, cellebration will be a bit special, due to the 50th Aniversary of the Virgin return. 

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