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Festivities of Santa María Magdalena

Summer comes, and in the second half of July , Moncofa dresses up to celebrate its festivities in honor of Santa Maria Magdalena , great tradition to the Virgin that gives name to its two most characteristic temples, the parish church and chapel located in the village and the seaside town, a forum of religious manifestations. With the presentation of Queen holiday home is given two weeks in which festive activity is incessant, the first Saturday Constitution Square is filled with sand with "cadafals" for a touch of rockets await the departure bull exhibitions, concerts, fireworks, food tasting, and all kinds of shows to reach day 22 and July 23,Festival in the town and celebration of the chapel, where attendees can enjoy the "Desembarcament of the Patron Saint" (July 23), only feast of tourist interest in commemorating the arrival of the image of Santa Maria Magdalena by sea, Castle water fireworks and concerts, sporting events and countless bullfighting events leave a gentle summer surf at a festival that delight everyone.




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