Les Penyes en Festes

The Peñas en Fiestas (Associations Partying) have been held during the first week of August since 1982.

Nowadays, these festivities have changed a lot since those first years. The “Xupinasso”, the rocket that announces the start of the festivities is shot from the balcony of the Town Council (San Fermín-style), and colours on the smock of the peñistas, gunpowder and water welcome the Semana Grande (Big Week).

 During the week, bull runs of wild bulls from the main stockbreedings take place.

Every afternoon, the peñistas gather in the Market Square, wearing their certified smocks, so from the sky you can see a multicolour mosaic that will embrace the square where the representatives of the fifty associations will attend. This square, which is surrounded by “cadafals”, hosts the famous Stockbreeding Contest, in which participants show their best livestock, and the bravest young ones tempt them to move and go up to the obstacles prepared for everyone’s enjoyment. 

The Bull-fighting Nights must be highlighted, in which toros embolados from famous stockbreedings are displayed.


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