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E3. Deep Espadán

  • Distance (Km): 64.12
  • Incline (m): 2418
  • Time: 7h
  • Classification: Black
  • Depart from: Azuébar


With its deep location and the deep feelings it provokes within us, this route provides us with some large uphill stretches.

A continual climb extends across one of the most mountainous regions and shows why we consider Espadán to be a rich and unique place unlike any other.

Starting in Azuébar, we will head towards Almedijar, a town embedded in the picturesque area of the mountains which surround the old Masía Mosquera farmhouse.  The cork trees take over and give us the shade that we need before climbing one of the great trails close to the peak of Espadán.  Charming trails connect every inch of the Collado de Íbola before leading us to Aín. From there we will climb from the foot of the castle until reaching Coll de Barres. From there our efforts will be rewarded by a large downhill section leading us to the town of Eslida. This is the gateway to the incline along Umbria de Castro which will connect us with Chóvar.

We will be overcome with breath-taking views as will take in our surroundings and wake us up as we take the large ascent to the sunny spot at the Peak of Bellota. This is the last and demanding difficulty that the mountain throws our way before we reach our objective.