Arqueological site La Moleta dels Frares - Lesera



A strategic enclave for communications between the Mediterranean and the Ebro Delta
La Moleta dels Frares is a site located 2 km from the town of Forcall, in the region of Els Ports. It is settled on a small hillock situated above the Cantavieja river, at an altitude of 895 m, surrounded by steep mountains providing a natural defence. With a surface of close to 8 ha, it is one of the largest settlements in the region of Castellón, occupied from the Bronze Age until the Andalusi period. Between the 1st and 3rd centuries CE it was the site for the only Roman city known in this region. Given its situation beside a river crossing it was also an important communication node which intersected with a route from Via Augusta to Caesaraugusta mentioned by old itineraries.