Roman Aqueduct


Declared a Spanish National Monument in 1982, it’s situated at the foot of the castle.

The aqueduct originally had seven semi-circular arches, yet only five are still conserved.  These arches and the wall at the beginning of it total 82 metres long. It was once 125 metres, including the water channel over the arcades, the two end walls, the connection to the water supply channel and the underground supply connection to the town.

Despite the fact that it’s an aqueduct, the architectural type seems more like a bridge due to the structural system used as there are starlings on all the piles and buttresses on the odd piles. The brickwork is ashlar on the arches and piles while masonry is used on all the other elements. Each pile and starling is crowned with a pyramid finish.


More information

Leaving the village towards Los Cloticos. 

200 m. from the town.