Aníbal Tower


Also known as Torre del Molino. The popular name given to the Torre de Aníbal (Hannibal) comes from a legend that says Hannibal Barca was in the area for about two years planning how to attack and destroy Saguntum. It was used in the period of Muslim rule and the early years of the Christian reconquest. During that time, it was a defence tower linked to the border of the Jérica castle. Shaped as a truncated cone, it is now covered by a reddish clay tile dome although it was originally covered be a flat, crenelated roof.  The inside has three stories. The ground floor was used as a water reserve. It’s made of a stone and lime conglomerate that joins the regular stone blocks together. Buried objects and coins have been found in the tower. None of the ornamental elements have been conserved. There’s a niche on the facade that may have been a window. The gap allowing access to the tower may not have been the original entrance which was likely through a taller opening now closed.




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Situated 2 km from the town, you can get there along the road from Caudiel to Pina de Montalgrao.