Castell de Cabres

The castle has almost completely disappeared.  Only the scarce remains of the walls can be seen. It must have been a simple rock castle with a central walled tower as an outpost to the larger fortresses nearby.

Legend has it that it was named Castell de Cabres because no one except grandparents, women and children were left in the village following a war many, many years ago as they men had all left to fight in the battle fields. One evening at sunset, an old man who was on the lookout from the Castle saw how the enemy troops were approaching the village to pillage it at night.  Since they did not have the human means to prevent them from doing so, they brought all the goats in the village up to the castle and tied a lit torch to every horn.

The enemy believed that all the spots of light in the dark of the night were torches carried by soldiers, so they quickly withdrew thinking they were about to be trapped.

The battle was won using this strategy and the village became known as “Castell” after its montane castle and “de Cabres” in homage to the goats that scared the enemy away.