Algimia de Almonacid

The municipality has Moorish roots. After the conquest of Valencia by James I, it belonged to the Duke of Sesa; having been seized by the crown, it was then sold on to the Count of Aranda. In 1610, after the expulsion of the Moors, it was resettled by Pedro de Urres with 27 Christian families from Navarra and Puebla de Arenoso.


Agriculture, beekeeping, woodcraft. It is an essentially agricultural population.

What to see

Narrow, short and staggered streets make up Algimia's urban landscape, clustered around the San Juan Bautista parish church. A quiet stroll takes us back to past times, when the entire region was under Islamic control.


The terrain is mountainous, since the municipality lies in the heart of the Sierra Espadán mountain range. In particular, it stands out for its thick pine and cork oak forests. 
The climate is Mediterranean and thus mild and moderate. 
Altitude between 450-600 m.