"Fallas" in the Province of Castellón Almenara , Benicarló , Borriana / Burriana , La Vall d'Uixó

Borriana, Benicarló, La Vall d'Uixó, Almenara – Dates: 15th to 19th March


A traditional Valencian festivity in which various events take place leading up to 19th March, the day of San José. This spectacular celebration comes to an end with the "Nit del foc" o "Cremà", in which, after the fireworks, the structures of las fallas are burned to ashes.
These structures are monuments made out of cardboard and stone, through which satirical figures criticise the social reality. Throughout the province of Castellón, there are various towns which can be visited to enjoy the beauty, monumentality, spectacular nature, ingenuity, art and grace of the "Fallas", alongside the music and gunpowder of "les mascletaes" and the fireworks displays.



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