M.I.A.U Festival (Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano) Fanzara


Fanzara – Dates: First fortnight in July


2019: July 4 - 7

The Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano (MIAU) [Unfinished Museum of Urban Art] is a project which is constantly changing and growing. When visiting, you can see the small and large artwork, that can stand the test of time, murals and sculptures. But if you are lucky, when you come to Fanzara you may see a cellist playing in a square, a conference in the socio-cultural centre or a film being projected. The museum is free as it is made up of the streets of the town.

For four days in the month of July, the M.I.A.U Festival takes place. Here, emerging and unknown artists come together to create more than the 100 murals that this small municipality of 280 inhabitants has.

Besides this major draw, during the festival there are also musical performances, dances, exhibitions, workshops and more.

The M.I.A.U. project has turned Fanzara into the epicentre of contemporary national and international urban art.


Information available at: Fb MIAU FANZARA