“Entrada de Toros y Caballos” Bull and Horse Festivities (Festivity of International Touristic Interest) Segorbe


Segorbe – Dates: Second Week in September


These festivities of the bulls and horses date back to the 14th century. They take place during the second week of September, from Monday to Sunday, and last just over a minute, in which there is utmost respect for the animals. Six bulls take part, along with around a dozen horses, guided by expert horsemen who channel the herd along the town's main street "Calle Colón" which is jam packed with people wanting to catch a look.

There are no barriers along the crowded adjacent streets, rather it is the public that blocks the street off; opening and closing to allow the herd to go past. This creates a magical experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Because of this, the “Entrada de Toros y Caballos” in Segorbe was declared as a Festivity of International Touristic Interest in December 2005 and Site of Cultural Interest in February 2011.


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