San Antonio Festivities Albocàsser , Benicasim / Benicàssim , Borriol , Forcall , Vilanova d'Alcolea

Municipalities in the Province of Castellón- Dates: Second Fortnight in January



The vast majority of municipalities in the province of Castellón hold festivities in honour of the Patron Saint of the Animals, thus remembering the rural roots of this region.

These festivities are based around fire, and bonfires are lit in nearly all municipalities, the highlights of the festivities are the gastronomy, music, processions and blessings of animals. This all takes place in the street, and everyone who wants to participate is more than welcome. The San Antonio festivities are popular festivities that have become quite a show in municipalities such as Forcall, Vilanova d'Alcolea, Borriol, Albocàsser, Benicàssim... If you visit the province of Castellón when they are taking place, do not miss the chance to join in with these festivities.


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