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The SanSan Festival celebrates this year its sixth edition, consolidating itself as one of the biggest events in the festivities of our country. This is the first massive outdoor festival of the year and coincides in time with Easter holidays. For this sixth edition, the festival is going through a makeover and getting a more modern appearance to show its growth and evolution, but without losing the spirit and essence that has always distinguished this iconic festival. This is an event of eclectic sounds and musical quality, featuring both referent artists with big names and relevance and emerging bands with promising futures ahead. Although bands are mainly national, there is always an international star as a surprise for the final performance.

Certainly, SanSan Festival lives up every year to other festivals as relevant as the FIB or Rototom Sun Sunsplash that take place in that same enclosure.

6th Edition during Easter (April 18th-20th, 2019)

More information on the websites: www.sansanfestival.com and www.benicassim.es

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