RAL.LI Transbetxi de Motocultors

The Rally Transbetxí is a race of motorised ploughs organised every year since 1989, during the second weekend of Easter. It takes place through roads and tracks in Betxí, as well as in other bordering municipalities. The teams, made up of a driver and a co-driver, use a motorised plough (usually a petrol one) as a vehicle to participate.

In addition, this competition has a cultural import related to the traditional significance of this machine for farmers, and related to this festive nature as all locals participate every year.

The causal implementation of this race (a result of the imagination of a group of friends), brought to life in a first edition that included nine participating teams, had the purpose of making people have fun and be in contact with nature. The next day, those same motorised ploughs (without any technical improvement), went from sporting to the usual functions of ploughing orange groves.

The current evolution entails other purposes. People participate to win, since the machines have evolved, with subsequent modifications and transformations made by the team members themselves, or by their families or friends.

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