Fiesta de la Vila

Every September, Villavieja prepares to celebrate its annual FIESTA DE LA VILLA, the festival for all those who hail from Vilavella.

We take time to remember the origins of the Festival with the ‘translación del Señor’. It features religious performances which give meaning to all the celebrations and festivities held throughout the year. The deceased are also remembered, and we demonstrate our fondness and admiration for them to their family and friends.

There are all manner of activities organised for children as well, so they may enjoy this time along with their parents. They will thus come to appreciate the festival, which unites us as a town, and turns September into a truly special month.

We also make the most of the bull events, admiring the celebrations from high up in balconies and commenting on the ferocity of the animals.

We have various musical acts and light and colour shows too, where we dance and have a good time with friends.

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