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The towns of Castellón have a programme of cultural activities, which include performances, meetings and fiestas which have both traditional and contemporary content. There is something for almost everyone.

All this comprises attractive group and enriching leisure activities which are well worth discovering. The towns of Castellón province organise activities to suit everyone.
Próximos eventos:
Vilafamés: Mostra de vida tradicional, Vilafamés 1900. 29 abril a 1 mayo 2017.  Vilafamés
Actividades infantiles, Cine y teatro, Exposiciones, Gastronomía, Música, Otros, Actualidad Agenda
Càlig: VI Fira de Sant Vicent i Dolços Tradicionals, 29 y 30 abril 2017.  Càlig
Actividades infantiles, Gastronomía, Música, Actualidad Agenda