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Municipalities of the province
Experience Castellón
Will the weather be nice in Castellón?
Where do I find ...?
Are habits and customs much different from the ones back home?

Have a look at this practical and useful information to find the answer to some of the most common questions that may come up, before packing your bags.

Experience Castellón
What’s new »

All our tourism news so that you can plan your holiday easily.
Experience Castellón
Photogallery »

The best images of Castellón-Costa Azahar for You. Miles of beaches, natural parks, scenic towns, our town festivals… all this in the largest photograph collection which the Tourism Board is putting at your disposal.
Experience Castellón
What to do »

Castellón - Costa Azahar is ideal for practicing many outdoors activities and sports.
Experience Castellón
Accommodation »

This is where you will find the best accommodation, answering to the question,
'and where can we sleep in Castellón-Costa Azahar?'
Experience Castellón
Health »

The province is proud of its excellent mineral water. Over the next few years, the province of Castellón is going to become a referent in the health tourism market. The traditional establishments will be joined by the newer spas who will make the most of the excellent springs of the area.
Experience Castellón
What's on »

Costa Azahar has a programme of cultural activities, which include performances, meetings and fiestas which have both traditional and contemporary content. There is something for almost everyone.
Experience Castellón
Leisure activities »

Your time, more leisurely in Castellón-Costa Azahar.
Experience Castellón
Shopping »

Castellón – Costa Azahar treasures a long tradition of handicrafts.
Experience Castellón
Restaurants »

The best of the Mediterranean and inland are combined to produce an array of flavours and dishes, where rice, seafood, meat and the best fruit and vegetables are served at the most refined tables.